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analytics web portal for the insurer with numerous graphs, reports and performance indicators that deliver actionable insights on driving habits. (optional add-on)

The Xemplar Telematics SDK Includes

In addition to comprehensive SDK documentation and access to development and integration support, the Xemplar Telematics SDK includes value-added components that will save you time and money.

Ready to embed native mobile libraries that can be integrated into compatible host apps to enable smartphone telematics.

A proprietary backend solution hosted on AWS Cloud that hosts all the data, analytics logic, and reporting logic to service the complete solution.​

A collection of external API end points that can be used by third-party solutions (apps, portals, systems) to pull telematics related data on policyholders.​​

Analytics web portal for the insurer with numerous of graphs, reports and performance indicators that deliver actionable insights on driving habits. (additional add-on)

The Xemplar Telematics SDK Benefits

  • Easy integration with mobile apps created in Native React, Flutter, Objective C, Java, Kotlin, and Swift
  • Insurer Risk Analytics Portal for driving behavior insights and risk control (optional add-on)
  • Integration Support Hours Included
  • End-to-End Data Security
  • Full SDK documentation for streamlined mobile app integration development
  • Fully customizable risk scoring
  • Fully configurable Telematics thresholds
  • Data extraction for in-depth analysis

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